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Our first promo is for the B2B~ers out there. If you are a talented B2B sales and/or marketing individual, or group (i.e. friends, colleagues, sales buddies), and want to apply to a truly innovative Slack-based sales program, keep on reading.

We’ve built an internal app for Slack that allows talented B2B sales or marketing people sell Bizzit part time, or in their off time. We’ll need to leave the details to the app to those that apply and get approved, but for now we’ll share that it’s entirely designed for the talented salesperson(s) that work full time, like leads, high commission, and are closers.

Click the link below to quickly apply and we will follow up!

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B2B Data App (Subscription)

Bizzit before you call, email, or meet with any department! Bizzit’s B2B Data App gives your team(s) and company actionable data insight (i.e... Data-Reviews!) to make better business and revenue generating decisions.

Decision makers Bizzit by adding #datareviews to their vendor evaluation process. Marketing Bizzit’s by leveraging numerous and consistent data-review variables to evolve intent data metrics. Outbounders to Consultants Bizzit by using live prospect and customer data produced from their peers and counterparts in Bizzit’s current live cities.

Each quarter we’ll update new cities and new metrics to our already 50+ captured today, so to hop on and pioneer data-reviews right alongside us

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How to Review

Bizzit’s Review App was first launched on Salesforce’s AppExchange Store (free to add) and coming this summer all teams can review on Bizzit’s own review app! Sign up for both below now.

Why Review
Subscribed companies will distribute licenses to Bizzit’s B2B Data App based on the number of employees that create a profile and submit a review. That’s it! Currently, only teams with Salesforce licenses can review, however, this summer all employees can review on Bizzit.

What is the Review?
Bizzit’s Enterprise-Reviews is one 5-minute fixed question and answer B2B survey. That B2B survey data displays (and aggregates anonymously) into Bizzit's B2B Data App.

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Claim Company Page

This isn't just a company profile page like any of the other ones you or your company manages (or especially another one that someone has to keep up with!). Over at Bizzit, we not only help automate the company page and data points for you, but we strive in giving your business the actionable data insight it needs to continually evolve the company's internal and external perception.

....which is why we are offering (on us!) a subset of data-reviews to the companies that officially claim their company page before the B2B Data App is released in the fall of 2019! See how departments in your business are rated and perceived, by your prospects, customers, partners and more. Follow the link below and claim today!

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Bizzit’s B2B Data App has a #Bizzitusecase for most industries and departments.

We’d also love to hear more how others are leveraging Bizzit, so feel free to use one of our hashtags to let us know! #Bizzitusecase #BizzitsOnIt #datareviews


For all size companies, from one person consulting firms to the largest company that exists, see how your company and/or departments rate against local and industry averages on Bizzit! SMB’s to Enterprise, compare your teams internally across the US and leverage Bizzit to evolve your operations, efficiency, and revenue generating activities! Stay tuned for the ’Claim Your Company Page’ updates for more information on 2019 promos.


When most companies are evaluating a vendor, product, or team to work with, they are generally valuing the teams just as much, if not more, as the product(s) or service(s) they are choosing. With Bizzit, put a value on who to work with, as much as what to work with!


A little something for anyone that just likes reviews. We’ll also make sure our early innovators that sign up in 2019 always have an ‘IN’ with Bizzit. Check out Bizzit’s ‘Give to Get’ package (this one’s on us) and start by creating an account in just a couple of minutes today.

B2B~ers Meetup

Give a look at our B2B~ers meetup group today!

Each event will host a local startup or emerging technology to present to a relevant network of attendees for an invite-only event. Every meetup will also display a local artist's work and we choose a different charity to donate 100% of the ticket proceeds towards (average ticket donation is about $10/ticket). So feel free to shoot us a note below to suggest a presenter, artist, and/or to come to the meetup (Join our Meetup group for free today)!

We have started the B2B~ers group in the Bay Area but quickly have plans to expand from west to east, so stay tuned….


The first B2B~ers group is live and active in the Bay Area but even within 2019 we will be launching in numerous other regions as well (Southern California, Seattle, Texas, and New York).

We are actively looking for community leaders in cities listed above and in cities that aren't listed there too, so please use the contact us form below and reach out to us today to get more information!

Bizzit is proud to be a part of the Pledge 1% Foundation.

It's no coincidence that both our platform and company promote ethics and morale in all B2B interactions. We’re quite proud that Bizzits foundation as a company starts with giving back to the local communities we operate in, and we are always open to know how we can help more. If you are a non-profit or charity that wants to partner with Bizzit, please reach out! We’d absolutely love to open the conversation and see how we can help on our end!